Delinimate – White Triangle 100% Recyled PVC Guide Post 1500mm long with 2 x White and 1 x Red Class 1 Reflective Stickers

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The DeliniMate, is the new road delineation alternative.

Our Australian-made recycled plastic road delineators are the perfect choice for your site roads requirements. With their excellent durability, 100% recyclability, ease of installation & highly cost effective price tag, “DeliniMate™” is the most environmentally conscious choice, for an essential item.


Made from 100% recycled plastic.
– 1200mm or 1500mm long
– Comes with either CLASS 1 reflective 50mm x 200mm red and white delineators.
– 45-degree cut on the bottom to help it drives into the ground.
– Fits over 900-1,650mm metal/FRP star pickets, or simply on top of BaseMate, leaving NO sharp edges for optimal safety.
– Packed in bundles of 10 and wrapped in 100% recycled PE bags to keep them clean.
– The triangle shape of the post stops it from twisting to avoid the post facing the wrong way.