Our spill kit refills and supplies guarantee a continuous stock for your oil, fuel, chemical, Hazchem, general-purpose and marine spill kits. Cleaning up oils, chemicals, and hazardous substances demands precision and proper equipment. Accumax ensures you have these essential products readily available for any spill size. Our stock includes different spill kits, such as Hazchem Spill Kit Refills, Oil and Fuel Spill Kit Refills, General Purpose Spill Kit Refills, and the Marine Spill Refill Kit. Always keep your worksite equipped with the necessary spill refill kits. Explore our range of spill kits, including oil, fuel, Hazchem, general purpose, and marine spill kits, to ensure you have backup when you need it.

Spill Kit Refills and Supplies for Oil, Hazchem, and General Purpose

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