At Accumax, we’re 100% focused on helping you manage risk, maximise efficiency, and keep your workers safe. We stock hundreds of durable and highly functional products that tick off every Australian standard. Our specialised equipment adheres to stringent workplace safety requirements and is highly adaptable–we supply products to businesses across the Civil, Industrial, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Defense, Public Facilities, and Marine industries.

Here is a handy guide to some of the terms you’ll come across on the Accumax Global website.

PPE – Personal protective equipment. PPE is anything a worker wears to mitigate work-related injuries–items such as masks, gloves, and protective glasses.

Spill Kits – Packs that contain equipment for managing industrial spills. Different kinds of spill kits are appropriate for different industries and workplaces. For example, we stock oil and fuel spill kits, marine spill kits, Hazchem (hazardous chemicals) spill, kits, and general-purpose spill kits.

Granular absorbents – Highly absorbent granules which swiftly soak up workplace spills. Accumax keeps extensive absorbent products in stock for any emergency spillage events.

Wheel chocks – Wheel Chocks are designed to prevent the accidental and unexpected movement of a vehicle when it is not in use.

Poly Bunded Pallets – Storage containers Bunded Spill pallets made from durable polyethylene create an impermeable barrier between chemicals, oil & fuels, lubricants, etc, and the external environment. These prevent spilled materials from spreading in the event of a leak or puncture in the stored container.

Metal Bunded Pallets – The same product as a poly bunded pallet, but made from metal instead of poly. These pallets are specially designed for storing flammable liquids and are built to withstand the pressures of the harsh Australian landscape.

Lockout/ Tagout – Lockout/Tagout is a required procedure an employee must undertake before repairing or performing maintenance on machinery or equipment, in particular devices which store hazardous energy. A tagout device is something an employee fastens to machinery to demonstrate that maintenance work is underway, and it cannot be started until its removed.

Decal – A durable printed sticker, suitable for use in outside and industrial environments. These can be custom printed with variable designs, sizes, and materials.

SDS Holder – “SDS” stands for “safety data sheets,” documents mandated by Safe Work Australia that provide information on the risks of hazardous chemicals in a workplace. An SDS holder is a hardy and accessible storage container for these important documents.

COOLEX – A range of innovative cooling vests for workers in heat-intensive environments. Workplaces involving activities such as fusion cutting, welding, and glass-making employ versatile vests to maintain the stable body temperature of workers.

AS Specifications – Standards Australia is the peak non-profit, non-government body for setting Australian product specifications. These standardised settings maintain reliability, safety, and consistency across industries. Products can be certified as complying with AS standards by an independent body.

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