Our Silt Curtains and containment booms are a durable yet economical choice to control the settling of silt suspended in water and prevent these particles from spreading further, whilst allowing water to continue to flow. Suitable for effective spill control in dredging, excavation, piling operations, rock walling and other marine construction activities. Delivered fully assembled and ready for deployment, the Silt Curtains are oil-resistant and crumble-free, with sections able to be easily joined to create any length needed. Features – UV stabilised materials – Non-woven geotextile with 90-micron pore size and strong flow rate – Zipper and ASTM Z-connectors allow for easy handling and management – Strengthening webbing located across the curtain for added support – Long lasting high-quality components – Customisable as required for conditions – Depths up to 20m available – Handles and hardware for rapid deployment.

Silt Curtains and Spill Containment Booms for Effective Spill Control

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