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Responding to a need for more.

We have recognised an unmet need within the safety industry for something more; a leader in safety standard and risk minimisation.

Organisations need a partner they can rely on for expert guidance and innovative solutions across projects and operations.

A division of the Accumax Global group, Accumax Solutions is that leader. Working with our clients we understand the entire picture of their safety issues and focus efforts and expertise on providing a solution to site-specific needs.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists work with mine managers, health and safety officers, engineers and technicians, procurement managers, business owners and more to raise the safety standard for their organisation.

Demonstrating Our Capability

The Problem 

In the West Australian Pilbara mining region, temperatures regularly soar above 40*C, increasing a serious heat stress risk for workers as well as causing productivity decline.

Traditional cooling methods like fans and hydration are inadequate, neither safe or realistic for prolonged shifts.


The Accumax Solution 

Sourcing and implementing the COOLWORKER Multi-Person Chiller has revolutionised this working environment.

A 50L tank feeds up to five vests via hoses simultaneously to circulate cool, temperature monitored water around the torso.

Vests are insulated, sturdy, and fire retardant, and the unit is skid-mounted to be mobile with hose extension up to 20m. These vests eliminate the use of chemical coolants, making them a safe, effective solution.

In practice, these vests are improving worker comfort, health outcomes and productivity volume by ensuring a safer working environment.


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