Accumax’s fully compliant Outdoor Dangerous Goods Storage solutions are built specifically to efficiently and safely store your hazardous and flammable goods, whether indoors or outdoors. Our cabinets, including DG storage cabinets, LPG cages, PPE storage cabinets, flammable and corrosive storage cabinets, and more, come in a variety of sizes to suit your workspaces and are designed to withstand harsh site conditions. They are suitable for strong suitable for toxic, organic peroxide, pesticide, polyethylene and other hazardous materials. Our MAXBund-Metal Dangerous Goods Storage cabinets are available in three different sizes, all featuring fully galvanised metal and relevant signage. Choose the size and shape you need from the 2000L MAXBund-Metal Dangerous Goods Storage, 1000L MAXBund-Metal Dangerous Goods Storage, or the 820L MAXBund-Metal Dangerous Goods Storage units. Ensure that your workplace is equipped with the necessary outdoor dangerous goods storage cabinets by exploring our range of quality products below.

Outdoor Dangerous Goods Storage Solutions

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