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We Specialise In Site Safety.

Accumax Global is committed to reducing risk in Australian workplaces. Organisations could easily avoid many workplace accidents with improved risk management products and a better overarching understanding of risk prevention. Therefore, our continued ambition is to provide innovative safety solutions, tailored to our customer’s specific needs, to create the lowest-risk environment possible for your employees.

We support the industries that keep Australia running. The industries most integral to our economy, and our every-day safety, are often the riskiest for workers. We consult closely with Australian industries, including Civil & Industrial Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Defence, Marine, and Public Facilities, to create customised risk-management products.

Safety is a right, not a luxury. Accumax Global delivers specially manufactured products at trade prices, working with businesses and individuals to determine the most efficient and effective way to prevent risk on their worksite. We pride ourselves on our responsive customer service and adapt to any special requirement that our customers may need.

Our Core Values R A P T R


We are caring and supportive of our colleagues’ and customers’ needs. We are patient, we listen and we are consistent in building trust and fostering our relationships for the long term.


Every employee’s contribution is vital to our success. We hold ourselves accountable fordoing our job to the best of our ability, seeking, or offering help when needed and seeing things through to completion.

Problem solving

Our customers look to us to find solutions to their safety problems. We bring our experience, expertise, problem solving skill and willingness to help. We go the extra mile to satisfy their needs.


We confidently and capably do our job while supporting our colleagues, jumping in to help when necessary and sharing the highs and lows as a team.


Responding to our customers’ and colleagues’ needs quickly, accurately and in a friendly manner wins business and builds long term relationships.

Our Brands

Award Winning Products, Custom Designed to your Needs

We thoroughly test each and every product to ensure that they are functional, durable, simple to use and compliant with relevant standards. We research, learn and network, to bring you the best possible product or solution to your specific requirements.

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The Accumax Difference

We have a reputation for committed, reliable performance which makes us the partner of choice.

We are focused on delivering innovative products and equipment that allow our clients to fulfill their project needs safely and efficiently.

Our focus on continuous improvement ensures we never stop evolving with the changing landscape of safety measures.

Safety First

Prioritising safety above all else shows a strong commitment to protecting workers protecting workers, assets and the environment.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our leadership team is focused on advanced and innovative safety technologies to position our clients as leaders in the industry.

Trusted Partner

We perform on site assessments that enhance our understanding of your industry and site specific needs.

Proven Solutions

Our innovative and standard safety products have been tested and proven to be effective in real-world scenarios.

Expert Team

With a depth of understanding on our partners’ work sites, our team share knowledge to deliver best of breed safety solutions.

Unparalleled Experience

Decades of experience, coupled with a wealth of knowledge, our close collaboration bring partners confidence in safety.

Compliance and Regulations

Our unwavering commitment is to ensure and excel compliance with industry regulations and safety standards.

Risk Mitigation

Expert foresight underpinned by a deep understanding of compliance standards and our partner’s operations assure we identify and minimise risks to enhance safety.

Safety Training and Education

Our solutions include educating personnel on safety best practices and protocols to ensure ongoing compliance and risk mitigation.

24/7 Support

We provide our partners round-the-clock support and assistance to address any safety concerns immediately.

Made in Australia

Made in Australia

Trusted Products

Trusted Products

Innovative Designs

Innovative Designs

Trade Pricing

Trade Pricing

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