Why Accumax's 2&4 Drum Poly Bunded Plts ?

Our 2 & 4 Drum Bunded Pallets are specifically designed for the safe storage of 205-litre drums. They meet all relevant regulations for bund capacity and are constructed to handle just about every condition on work sites. Our range of 2 & 4 drum bunded pallets includes different sizes and construction materials depending on the liquids you are storing. We stock a 2 Drum Bunded Pallet or 4 Drum Bunded Pallet made with strong UV resistant poly. The 4 Drum Bund – Galvanised Metal works particularly well for flammable liquids in our harsh Australian environment. We also have covers available for outdoor storage requirements. View our range of 2 & 4 drum bunded pallets below to ensure you have the very best quality possible for your worksite.