Pipe Markers are used to identify the contents of pipes, conduits, ducts, and sheathing used to contain fluids or for the distribution of electrical and communication services in land installations and on board ships, by the use of colours, words, and symbols. Our standard range of Pipe Markers comes in packs of 10, is self-adhesive, and is available in three different sizes: 100x135mm, 31x475mm, and 57x475mm. We also offer the ability for you to create Custom Pipe Markers where you get to define the colour and size that suits your specific needs.

Our Pipe Markers have a minimum order of 8 packs for the 130x135mm and 57x475mm Markers and 12 for the 31x475mm Markers. In a standard order, these packs will consist of the same Pipe Marker, but please call the office on 1300 222 862 if you would like to ‘mix and match’ your Markers to meet the minimum quantity (all Markers must be the same size to meet the minimum quantity). Need to quickly identify pipes for Acid, Air, Fire, Gases, Oils, Steam, or Water? Accumax Global has all of your Pipe Marker needs to be covered.

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