Our Brands

What ever your requirement, we have a quality and affordable solution.

MAXSafe™ is a premium range of safety products, that have been developed and tested to ensure they meet strict QA standards.

MAXSafe™ range of products are being used extensively on sites Australia wide, and with continuous innovation, the brand has established itself as a leader in the market.

MAXSafe™ includes products such as Safety Signs, Lockout Padlocks, Fire Extinguishers, through to systems such as the MAXSafe™ Scaffold Inspection tags.

MAXSorb® absorbents are a premium range of granular and woven absorbents, suitable for use in a wide range of industries and applications.

MAXSorb® absorbents have become the preferred absorbent in many cutting edge workshops, from mining through to aviation and defense force sites.

MAXSorb® absorbents can assist in cleaning up and containing spills on your site, whether on land, water, or right in your workshop.

MAXBund® bunded pallets and Dangerous Goods Stores, are an innovative range of fully compliant containment systems, built to handle the tough Australian Conditions.

MAXBund® Poly bunded pallets are totally Australian manufactured, mean consistency of quality, supply and pricing. All models are made using virgin, UV stable material and have proved an excellent performer on the field.

MAXBund® Metal bunds and DG stores come standard with a vast range of features, making them the best value units on the market. With the ability to ship flatpack, we can help save you money on your next DG storage project.

MAXChock® is a premium range of Wheel Chocks, Aviation Wheel Chocks, and Brackets, that have been developed in close consultation with clients from diverse industries.

MAXChock® Aviation Wheel Chocks are resistant to fuel, oil, and chemicals, and are up to 30% lighter than comparable products.

MAXChock® Wheel Chocks are 100% Made in Australia and individually inspected to ensure they meet strict quality controls.