Illumimate Kit – White LED Flashing Solar Powered Light, Complete with 1200mm Natural Post and Basemate

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IllumiMate is the next generation of roadside illumination in the outback, mining and very dark areas. IllumiMate has NO sky facing solar panels which catch dust and need cleaning every week.

All the solar panels are vertical and no dust will hold on to the panels to block out the light and reduce the charging.

IllumiMate are been used in mining pits of the dustiest situations and none have needed cleaning in 6 months.

The IllumiMate comes in a set with a translucent Delinimate & BaseMate ready for quick, easy and reliable roadside marking.

The IllumiMates are mainly used to show road users where the intersections are and driveways and exits off gravel roads. This reduces the need of lighting towers at every intersection.


  • Fast setup
  • No ground penetration.
  • No tools or hitting implements required.
  • Recycled plastic materials.
  • Night-time Illumination.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Aussie made.
  • Highly cost effective.