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LED Warning Signs - TFNSW Accredited.

Warn Oncoming Drivers of Road Hazards and Black Spots! Our Vehicle Activated Warning Signs are TFNSW Accredited. Available with real compliance data and several icon configurations in 2 sizes ( B Class for <80km zones and C Class for >80km zones).

Signage inclusions:

  • 2 sizes available
  • Fully programmable
  • Website for data collection & managing sign configuration
  • Over set speed limit: sign illuminates symbol & slow down message is showns
  • Under set speed limit: sign is blank
  • Top & bottom cabinet are black powder coated 5251 Aluminium H32
  • IP65 water & dust rating • Strut mountings are the same as standard road signs
  • Internal solar & battery kit
  • Doppler radar
  • Rain & light sensor. Varies brightness of LEDs to suit local conditions & increases battery life
  • Reporting on oncoming vehicle count and speed, GPS, battery voltage and charge current
  • Improve safety at black spots
  • Remotely update via WIFI
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LED Enhanced Warning Signs

Flashing LED’s Warn of Location Specific Conditions. Ideal for full outdoor visibility day or night, our LED Enhanced Warning Signs are perfect for pedestrian crossing on main roads, campus roads, healthcare facilities and more. Set the sign to flash & have the benefit of grabbing viewer’s attention more than static signs. Available in a range of sizes and styles to suit the location, the signs can be custom printed with messages specific to your site needs on 3M reflective face panel.

  • Aged Care
  • Transport Hubs
  • Logistics Facilities
  • Airports & Ports
  • Retirement Villages
  • Car Parks
  • Hospitals
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Council Roads

LED Variable Speed Limit (VSL)

Alert oncoming road users of changes in speed with the Hi-Vis Variable Speed Limit Sign. Slow speed on your roads and work sites with pir LED variable speed limit signs. Set speeds up to 100km with static LEDs rather than flashing signage. Upgrades available with an ANPR camera to monitor traffic & overspeed enforcement.

  • Sign Controller
  • Fully programmable & customisable with variable speeds
  • Website for data collection & managing sign configuration
  • Cabinet is black power coated
  • Monitoring of the individual LED performance
  • IP65 water & dust rating
  • Light sensor. Varies brightness of LED’s to suit local conditions & increases battery life
  • Strut mountings are the same as standard road signs
  • Solar & battery kit
  • Doppler radar
  • SMS reboot
  • Reporting: oncoming vehicle count, speed GPS, battery voltage and current
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