Silt Fence Roll – 860mm H x 50m L

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Our Silt Fence material is manufactured from 100% polypropylene tape yarns to produce an inert and highly stable woven geotextile structure with UV inhibitors for long term performance & site protection.

Silt Fence is designed for the protection of natural surrounding areas during the course of earthworks and construction activities. Silt Fences primarily trap the coarser sediments with its principal job to pond water during a storm and must be installed and constructed in a way that temporarily ponds water at regular intervals along the fence. Whenever practical, silt fences should be located along the contour to maintain flow conditions down-slope of each fence. Sensitive aquatic margins require protection from sediment run-off which can contaminate water-bodies due to nutrient overload. Silt Fence is utilised to prevent such contamination by flanking exposed soils or bordering entire construction sites.