CoolWorker Yellow Hi-Viz Cooling Vest with Reflective Tape, c/w 8 x Reusable PCM Pouches – Size Small/Medium

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The first effective high-vis cooling vest in Australia. Accumax has worked with manufacturers to design and provide the Australian market with a cooling vest that is high-vis and lightweight, effective in harsh Australian climates. We have listened to our customers’ needs and worked to provide them with a product to suit their requirements.

Product Features
• The CoolWorker vest contains 8 removeable freezable gel pouches, that will keep the user cool for an extensive length of time
• The vest has been mine site tested and provides up to 3 hours of effective cooling
• The versatile vest can be used in many applications, such as hot works, emergency services, first aid response, confined space and open pit work
• 100% polyester, with open mesh. It is durable and light weight; it can be worn over existing clothing without feeling like an extra layer
• 5cm reflective strips on both front and back and high-vis yellow, safe for day/night use
• Machine washable
• Adjustable straps for a firm fit, this provides effective cooling