Your Guide to Workplace Spill Kits

General Recommendations

There are some basic safety protocols that reduce risks in any industry. Keeping an appropriate first aid kit available at all times is essential. Providing quality equipment, committing to comprehensive training, and sticking to clear site protocols all contribute to maintaining a safer workplace.

A spill kit is an all-in-one set of equipment used to safely manage industrial spills. They are an essential precautionary measure for all sites with hazardous materials present. Accidents happen, and preparation is key to managing them with minimum disruption to a workplace. Spill kits provide workers with key protection while they efficiently contain and clean up leaks and spills.

Different kinds of spills require different kinds of spill kits. At Accumax Global, we stock four different kits with custom equipment tailored to specific industry requirements.

All of our kits include basic PPE such as elbow-length PVC gloves and heavy-duty disposal products. The type of absorbents and other kit items are chosen to suit specific material requirements. Depending on the scale of your operation, the size of your kit will also vary.

So, how do you identify which of our four kits is right for your business? Read on to find out more.

General Purpose Spill Kits

This one is fairly self-explanatory. A general-purpose spill kit is exactly that: a basic kit with grey absorbents for the most common types of industrial spills. This covers water-based materials, hydrocarbons, chemicals, coolants, lubricants, and mild corrosives.

Our general spill kits range from 40L to 240L.

Hazchem Spill Kits

As you probably know, “HAZCHEM” refers to hazardous chemicals. Specialised Hazchem spill kits are custom equipped with yellow absorbent materials. These are suitable to manage dangerous spills of toxic substances such as corrosive acids and solvent products.

It is important to note that the HAZCHEM spill kit absorbents do not neutralize the spilled liquid, but control and contain it.

Our Hazchem spill kits range from 40L to 240L.

Oil & Fuel Spill Kits

Non-water-based materials require hydrophobic spill management solutions. These kits use water-repelling white absorbent materials to soak up hydrocarbons, such as oil and fuels.

Our oil & fuel spill kits range from 40L to 770L for larger operations.

Marine Spill Kits

These kits are specially designed to recover oil and fuel spilled at locations close to water, such as docks and jetties. These kits also utilise hydrophobic white absorbents to block oil-based spills from impacting clean waters. These absorbents take on board the oil and fuels, whilst repelling the water to ensure they do not sink even when fully saturated.

Our marine spill kits are available in a 240L pack.

Risk Management strategies

All of our kits come with a tamper-proof security seal to ensure that your team members know when a kit has been used.

They also include two handy checklists. On the inside of the kit lid, we supply an itemised list of the specific spill kit equipment. This means that you can replace individual items as you use them, rather than replacing the entire kit each time. We also provide a 6 Step Safe Spill Response checklist on the side of all kits. These are laminated, clear, and easy to access in the event of an incident.

Strategic Delivery

Accumax Global has four centrally located Australian distribution centres, meaning we can provide prompt and reliable services to your site wherever it is located.

This is critical if you require spill management equipment urgently–we can deliver within tight timeframes to help you efficiently mitigate against risk.

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