Stay Ahead of the Heat: CoolWorker Chilled Vest Revolutionising Heat Stress Prevention

With summer now in full swing across Australia, protecting workers in high heat environments is more critical than ever.

Unfortunately, some workplaces cannot simply cool the environment surrounding their workers because of the nature of the work or the fact the work takes place outside in the Australian heat.

Therefore, they need a way to keep the core temperature of their workers down BEFORE heat-related health issues arise, such as heat stroke or dehydration.

This is where the CoolWorker Chilled Work Vest System comes in.

Previously, similar technology only existed to help treat workers AFTER they were feeling the effects of overheating. With The CoolWorker Vest, you prevent heat stress right from the get-go, stopping temperature concerns before they happen.


The CoolWorker vest is worn underneath the clothing and protective gear worn by the worker.

The vest is connected to CoolWorker multi-person chiller, which cools a fifty-litre tank of chemical-free water. The water is continuously circulated through the vests via feed and return hoses. The chiller can deliver water to up to 5 vests simultaneously, with the hoses available in lengths of ten and twenty metres.  Both lengths are insulated and have a spatter proof cover.

The chiller keeps the water temperature between 4-15 degrees, depending on the requirements of your workplace.

The chilling unit is mounted on a skid, allowing easy mobility around the worksite.

The machine washable vest is made of durable piping wrapped in tough material, making it an incredibly suitable garment for high heat environments.  

Stay Ahead of the Heat: CoolWorker Chilled Vest Revolutionising Heat Stress Prevention
Stay Ahead of the Heat: CoolWorker Chilled Vest Revolutionising Heat Stress Prevention


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  • Mining: Whether the mining job is under or above ground, the temperatures can rise to well above 40 degrees. Performing physically demanding work in these conditions is simply not sustainable. Therefore, this cooling technology can be a game-changer for mining companies of all sizes.
  • Paint: Painters are required to wear cover-all protective gear and gas masks inside of warm workshops. This can raise their core temperature very quickly if not careful. Cooling vests ensure the painting job is completed safely and efficiently.
  • Glass: Glass needs to be heated to at least 590 degrees Celsius to be moulded. As a consequence, glass workers are continuously exposed to high heat environments. The vest can be an excellent way to keep the workers safe and cool regardless of the workshop’s temperature. 
  • Welding: In welding, sparks are always flying, and it’s essential to have full-body protective gear. However, it gets extremely hot under all this heavy gear. The vest can counteract the effect of being covered head to toe in gear in a hot environment by keeping the core temperature cool underneath.


This cooling system is all about the prevention of heat stress. Workers have been seriously injured and even died because companies fail to supply adequate support and equipment in high heat conditions. Working in extremely hot and humid conditions whilst doing physically demanding work can lead to heatstroke, heat exhaustion and severe dehydration – all of which can lead to hospitalisation.

For example, Rio Tinto was recently fined $80,000 after failing to properly equip three employees working in the Pilbara, resulting in the workers suffering from heatstroke and exhaustion. One of the workers collapsed and later died after two days of cruelling work.

This is an extreme example but a genuine possibility of the severe consequences of thermal stress.

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