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World-First Safety Recognition for Atlas Iron

Atlas Iron’s Sanjiv Ridge iron ore site has recently etched its name in history, as the first mining site from across the globe to earn the prestigious WELL Health-Safety Rating.

This monumental achievement is not just a triumph for Atlas Iron, but a target benchmark for other companies striving for excellence in workplace safety. The full story of this remarkable feat can be read here.

This accolade is not just reserved for industry giants alone, it’s accessible to all; meaning your company, too, can aspire to and achieve similar global recognition and safety standards.

And that’s where Accumax Global steps in as your trusted ally.

Accumax: Raising the Safety Standards

At Accumax, our primary mission is to raise the safety standard, to align with the world’s best. This commitment goes beyond mere compliance; it’s about integrating safety into the core of your operations. With a focus on your people, assets, and facilities, we offer more than products; we offer peace of mind.

The Accumax Advantage: More Than Just Products

  1. Attract and Retain the Best Staff: A safe workplace isn’t just a regulatory requirement; it’s a powerful tool for attracting and retaining top talent. Employees want to work in environments where their safety is a priority, and Accumax helps you build that environment.
  2. Win the Best Tenders: Safety records are increasingly becoming a decisive factor in awarding tenders. With Accumax’s safety solutions, you don’t just meet the safety standards; you exceed them, giving you an edge in competitive tenders.
  3. Lead with the Best Reputation: In today’s market, a reputation for safety is invaluable. Accumax doesn’t just supply safety products; we help you build a safety culture that enhances your brand and sets you apart from the competition.

Innovative Solutions for Diverse Industries

Accumax Global is not just another safety supplier. We are partners in your journey towards safety excellence. Our experience and service have given us a track record of providing innovative solutions across various industries, with dedicated specialists in mining and resources. From supplying top-quality, tested products to advising on whole-company efficiencies and manufacturing bespoke solutions for unique scenarios, we have you covered.

Three Expert Divisions to Meet Your Needs

Our expertise is spread across three expert divisions, each specialising in different aspects of safety:

  1. Accumax Wholesale: Offering the best in safety products, tested to meet rigorous standards.
  2. Accumx Safety: For consultation and advice, providing insights on enhancing company-wide safety efficiencies.
  3. Accumax Solutions: Designing and manufacturing unique solutions for specific safety challenges.

Raising Safety Standards Today and Tomorrow

Our commitment is not just for today, but for the future of Australian industries. With a nationwide presence, we’re on a mission to raise the safety standard, across the board.

To witness firsthand how Accumax can transform your safety practices, we offer a free site visit. This is your opportunity to see how our products and services can make a tangible difference in your safety journey.

Join the Ranks of the World’s Best

Atlas Iron’s achievement is a testament to what’s possible in workplace safety. With Accumax as your partner, you can aim for these lofty heights as well.

Contact us today for a free site visit and start your journey towards being among the safest, most reputable companies in your industry.

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