Spillkit Safety Standards

You’re a Safety Officer or Facility Manager and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. The safety of your team relies upon people like you understanding the ever-evolving Australian rules, regulations, and standards.

It is serious business when it comes to workplace safety and risk mitigation.

Regardless of the size of your workshop, mine site, warehouse, or plant or what your company is manufacturing and distributing; we can help.

Accumax Global can support you in navigating standards and implement tools that will keep your people free of serious workplace injury or death.

Take for example, spillkits. These are used widely in the primary sector, mostly across industrial and manufacturing sectors. Although they must meet AS 1940:2017, those standards do not specify the colour that the spillkit must be.

In fact, it is at the discretion of the organisation to decide on their colour coding system.

Whilst we stock and provide our valued customers red (with green lid) spill kits for general purpose and yellow (with yellow lid) spillkits for hazchem materials, doesn’t it sound absurd that there is not a standard across the board?

You might be asking yourself what’s in a colour?

Jerry Martin, Director of Accumax Global said, “The correct labelling, locations of and colour coding of safety and first aid equipment is integral in the instance of a workplace emergency”.

Jerry said it is one major downfall that Accumax find when they talk to their customers, having the equipment in place ticks one box but identifying it and having access to is just as important, as is following standards.

With recycling being a significant component of sustainability, could you confuse your green containers for change bin with a green spillkit?

The Australian standard 1940:2017 covers various aspects of liquid storage and handling, including the use of spillkits to manage and contain spills effectively, but provides no guidelines on colour coding.

No wonder you’re confused.

If you’d like to understand safety compliance, rules, and regulations better, or in the instance of spillkits create some rules of your own, reach out to the experts in safety on 1300 222 862 or [email protected].


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