Protect Your People and Business with Dangerous Goods Storage

Did you know the cause of most industrial fires is improper dangerous goods storage?

When you have a safe place and procedures to contain dangerous material, you are protecting your workers, facility, infrastructure and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Here are some basic guidelines on the appropriate storage of dangerous goods and materials on site.

Identify all substances

Review your facility and operations to identify all dangerous substances and their associated Safety Data Sheet (SDS) along with storage requirements and risk factors.

Avoid storing incompatible substances

Some substances will react to one another, sparking explosion, fire, or worsening an incident. Be clear on which cannot be stored together.

External factors

Review environmental factors such as the location of the storage site, work being done close by, climate or possible emergency scenarios that may impact the substance.

Compliance with Australian regulations

Each state and territory will have their own specific regulations. Check with the authority in your jurisdiction to ensure you meet the requirements.

Procedures and training

Creating, updating and documenting safety and emergency plans and procedures assist safe storage of dangerous goods. Safe handling training is imperative for all individuals with access to the cabinet.


Clear signage is a legal requirement (for details contact the authority in your state). This will include clear labelling of the substance itself as well as signage on the storage unit and within the facility to alert of its presence.

Purpose built closed storage

Storage must be built for purpose – you cannot use a regular shelf, cupboard, box or similar, it needs to be specifically manufactured to store dangerous goods. It must also remain in good condition and compatible with the substance stored within it.

Accumax Assistance

We stock a range of dangerous goods storage cabinets, with various cabinets designed for specific hazardous materials – it’s important to match the right cabinet to the material you are storing.

All our cabinets are made to meet Australian standards.

Accumax Global delivers specially manufactured, customised risk-management products at trade prices.

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