Retractable Safety Reel Support Stand on Pneumatic Wheels 1250mm High

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Our Retractable Safety Reel Support Stands have been specifically designed to suit the Retractable Safety Reel with Magnetic Mounts.

One of the main problems with retractable barriers is that the strong tension needed to make the barrier retract can often be too strong for the stand or cone being used to mount the barrier, leaving the barrier and cones or stands in a heap on the floor. 

This is not an issue for our Retractable Safety Reel Support Stands, which can easily hold the tension of the Safety Reel. The stand is made from powder-coated metal, allowing it to be easily used with the magnetic reel, you can also daisy chain them together to corden off machinery or areas. 

The Pnumatic Wheels make this stand extremely easy to maneuver.