Low Profile Polyethylene 4 Drum Bund Inline, 2550 x 710 x 160mm (Includes 2 connectors)

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Ideal for storage of 4 x 205L drum when drums need to be frequently handled. Having the 4 drums in a line is excellent for when floor space is limited. The Low Profile makes it easy for loading and unloading of drums. Comes with a Connector Kit to join the pallets together to increase sump capacity.
– 100% Australian Made
– UV Stable
– Tough Poly Construction – Resistant to most Chemicals
– 1 Piece Design for Extra Strength
– Built In Handles
– Sealed Bung Point
– 190L Bund Capacity
Note:Polymer materials used in these products meet stringent AS/NZ standards and consistently exceed UV performance requirements of being exposed to the intense nature of arguably one of the world’s toughest environments. A superior material performance is delivered across a range of factors including long service life, high impact resistance and abrasion, high tolerance to environmental stress cracking and long term resistance to UV degradation.