Gravity Fed Portable Eyewash with Wall Mounting Bracket 30 Litre

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Gravity Fed Eye Wash Stations are designed to be used in situations where a persons eyes have been exposed to hazardous or corrosive materials and a continuous supply of water is not available. 

The Eye Wash unit can be installed in a wide variety of locations and boasts a flow speed of 2.6 litres per minute and a flush time of 9 minutes. Seconds can make the difference and the versatility of the AM-S7501 increases the chance of preventing serious eye injury. 

Simplicity is key, simply pull the rubber strap to activate. 


– 30 Litre Capacity

– 2.6 L/min Flow Speed, 9 minute Flush Time

– Comes with wall mounting plate

– Drainage hole at the base of the unit makes it easy to discharge & clean

– Contains two ABS spray heads with rubber dust covers

– Easy to use, just pull the rubber strap to activate