1500 Ltr Mobile Safety Shower & Eyewash – Solar Powered

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Product Description:

The water tank is fully insulated, and has been tested in the Pilbara, in full sun in summer.

The water never exceeds the maximum temperature allowed according to the AS Standards for safety shower / eyewash units.

We can also provide a Sterilizing rod to extend the time between when the water in the tank needs changing out.

– Stainless Steel fold up Shower
– Stainless Steel fold up Eye/Face Wash
– 1500 Ltr Water Tank
– 5mm Colorbond Steel Skin
– 235 amp deep cycle battery
– Battery isolation switch
– Battery power level indicator
– Green LED light on shower head
– Water level and temperature gauge
– Full signage and reflective tape
– Skid mount for transport
– Cyclone rated
– Solar panels