Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls with these Safety Equipment Supplies

One of the biggest responsibilities for businesses is ensuring that you have the correct safety equipment supplies available to your staff to comply with occupational health and safety regulations.

Slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common workplace injuries. When we imagine workplace injuries, our minds may first go to a dramatic fall from a scaffold at a great height or a building crumbling to the ground, like in a James Bond movie.

However, the fact is that most workplace injuries occur due to something as unremarkable as a spilled liquid on the floor. Therefore, workplaces must invest in safety equipment supplies to protect their employees.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Causes

Injuries such as fractures, dislocations, bruises, cuts, and musculoskeletal issues (like pulled muscles or slipped discs) can be caused by hazards such as:

  • Wet or slippery surfaces
  • Loose mats
  • Untidy cables and tools
  • Inappropriate footwear
  • Uneven surfaces – e.g. kerbs, stairs, steps, holes, and ditches

Managing Risk with Safety Equipment Supplies

The first step to creating a safe work environment is providing safety equipment supplies to reduce risk. As global leaders in providing solutions for risk reduction and management, we recommend the following items to reduce your chance of slips, trips and falls in the workplace:

Anti-Slip Tape

Use this in slippery and wet conditions, both indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for steps, ramps, entrances and marking aisles.

Anti-slip Metal Plates

Anti-slip metal plates have non-slip strips at regular intervals to make your decking safer. Use this as an alternative to full decking.

Anti-slip Stair Nosing

Suitable for all surfaces, this stair nosing is anti-slip and bright yellow, improving visibility and reducing slip risk.

Non-slip Mats

Invest in heavy-duty rubber mats made for both indoors and outdoors. These are also anti-fatigue to reduce stress on your worker’s joints.

Cones, Bollards, and Barriers

Use these to block off areas that may contain slip, trip, and fall hazards, such as ditches, holes, and uneven surfaces.

Warning Signage

Use this to indicate a hazardous condition that could be cause for concern but isn’t necessarily life-threatening. These signs are yellow in colour with black text and icons. The Australian Standard no longer uses ‘caution signs’ terminology to refer to these signs. However, the terms ‘warning’ and ‘caution’ are now regarded as being interchangeable.

For further information on safety equipment supplies to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls, please do not hesitate to contact the experts at Accumax Global.

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