Next Generation Wearable Injury Prevention Tech is Here

The next generation injury prevention technology has arrived, helping combat the risk of repetitive strain injury and stress from across a multiple of industries.

Shoulder, neck and back problems caused by repetitive movement impacts individuals and businesses in huge numbers and billions of dollars each year. 73% of all injuries in the Western Australian Minerals Sector during a 3 month period were musculoskeletal disorders, as shown by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

Workplace injury starts a costly ball rolling. As well as reducing quality of life for the individual, it accrues healthcare costs, workers compensation costs, lost productivity, staff turnover and more.

AIRFRAME® is here to make RSI a thing of the past and improve productivity and the quality of life for your workforce.

The system takes away soreness of the end of the day and reduces long-term risk of permanent strain and injury.

The potential of this system in your workforce can help prevent injury as well as assist in getting those with existing injuries back into their full range of tasks.

How it Works

AIRFRAME® is a mechanical support system that redistributes the load to reduce exertion by up to 80%.

AIRFRAME® is a lightweight, moveable frame, custom-fit to any worker’s body, engineered to improve upper body musculoskeletal health for those using arm motion and/or static elevation of the arms repetitively.

Its success comes from redistributing the weight and energy from the arms, shoulders, neck and upper back to the outside of the hips to reduce stress.

In action, the mechanical support system engages as the arm is raised then gradually releases as the arm is lowered, and it does this in a progressive way, so workers receive just the right level of support, at just the right time.

Where it trumps similar products from the past is in its lightweight, breathable, low-profile frame, which has undergone rigorous independent testing to earn PPE classification.

Movement is seamless and powered by a patented system of pulleys, requiring no electrical power, just the movement of the user’s tasks.

AIRFRAME® has been designed to be user-friendly, easy to get on and off and aerodynamically designed to make wearing the device feel nearly unnoticeable.

Airframe is being used world-wide, but a range of high-profile manufacturing, warehousing and construction related industries including Toyota and Boeing.

Making it Possible

Accumax Global is committed to reducing risk in Australian workplaces, and seeing the value of AIRFRAME® has recently launched it onto the product range.

At Accumax we believe many workplace accidents can be avoided with improved risk management products and education, which is why we are dedicated to provide innovative safety solutions, tailored to our customer’s specific needs to create the lowest-risk environment possible for your employees.

Bringing AIRFRAME® into your organisation will give your workforce immediate safety and the best quality of life, to be able to work without negative, long-term health impact.

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