Hydration & Cooling – Risks and Our Solutions

The Risk of Heat Exhaustion in Mining and Industrial Sectors

In the mining and industrial sectors, the risk of heat exhaustion is a significant concern. Workers in these environments are often exposed to extreme temperatures, heavy machinery, and physically demanding tasks, which can lead to dehydration, fatigue, and decreased concentration. Such conditions not only affect the health and safety of the employees but also impact productivity and recovery times.

The Accumax Solution: Hydration and Cooling Products
  1. Hydrapole Icy Pole: A Refreshing Way to Stay Hydrated

The  Hydrapole Icy Pole, an innovative Australian-made solution for maintaining hydration. These 100% all-natural electrolyte replacement ice poles are formulated to replenish fluids, minerals, and salts lost through dehydration. The benefits include:

  • Reducing Fatigue: By maintaining hydration levels, workers can combat fatigue effectively.
  • Enhancing Concentration: Proper hydration ensures better focus and mental clarity.
  • Boosting Productivity and Recovery: Regular intake helps in sustaining energy levels and quicker recovery after tasks.
  1. The 2L High-Visibility Hydration Backpack

The CoolWorker 2L High-Visibility Hydration Backpack is designed for practicality and visibility. Equipped with a 2L hydration reservoir and reflective Day/Night tape, it’s perfect for workers on the move. Its slim-line design comfortably fits essential items without being bulky.

  1. Eskys and Drink Coolers: Keeping Refreshments Chilled

Our range of insulated drink coolers, including wheeled options for easy transportation, ensures that hydration drinks remain cool throughout the day. Available in thirteen sizes, there’s a perfect match for every team’s needs.

  1. CoolWorker Coolflow Wheeled Chiller and Adjustable Vests

The Coolflow Chiller and Adjustable Vest system can cool up to six persons simultaneously. This innovative solution is ideal for maintaining a comfortable temperature during peak heat, with easy refilling options for extended use.

  1. Wall Mount Fans: Industrial Air Circulation

Our Industrial Wall Fans and CoolWorker Misting Fans are designed to provide excellent air circulation and cooling in large spaces, making them ideal for factories and warehouses.

  1. Portable Air Conditioners: Targeted Cooling Solutions

The CoolWorker Portable Air Conditioners are perfect for spot cooling in large areas. With a user-friendly control panel and self-diagnostic functions, they offer an efficient way to cool specific zones without needing to cool entire spaces.

  1. Protective Tents: Shelter Against Harsh Conditions

Our range of high-quality tents, designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, offers spacious headroom and adjustable height legs. They come in three sizes with optional walls for customised protection.

  1. Cooling Apparel: Personalised Heat Relief
  • Cooling Towel and Wrap: Instant cooling relief when wet.
  • Cooling Head Shade & Headband: Designed to keep the head cool.
  • Hard Hat Cooling Sweatband: Integrates with safety helmets for added comfort.
Staying Cool, Safe, and Productive

Accumax’s comprehensive range of hydration and cooling products, from the Hydrapole Icy Poles to the CoolWorker Portable Air Conditioners, ensures that workers in the mining and industrial sectors stay hydrated, cool, and safe. By integrating these solutions, businesses can not only prevent heat exhaustion but also enhance overall productivity and workplace safety.

Remember, staying hydrated and cool isn’t just a matter of comfort; it’s a critical component of workplace safety and efficiency. Explore our range of products, including sunscreen and coolers, to find the perfect fit for your team’s needs. Let Accumax be your partner in creating a safer, more productive work environment.

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