Ensuring Environmental Compliance: A Guide to IBC Bunding Solutions

In the world of industrial safety and environmental stewardship, effective management of hazardous liquids is a paramount challenge. Recognising this, Accumax Global is at the forefront of pioneering solutions with its comprehensive range of IBC bunding IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) solutions, designed to address these critical needs head-on.


Understanding IBC Bunding

IBC bunding is about creating a secondary containment system designed to catch spills, leaks, or overflows from IBCs, preventing hazardous substances from contaminating the workspace or the natural environment.


Key Components of IBC Bunding

  • Capacity: A bund must be able to contain at least 110% of the volume of the largest IBC, or 25% of the total volume stored, whichever is greater.
  • Material: Bunds are often made from robust materials like polyethylene or steel to resist the chemicals they contain.
  • Design: Bunds should be designed to prevent overflow and facilitate easy cleaning. Features like removable grates or drain plugs are common.


Incorporating essential practices and considerations for IBC bunding

  • Ensuring ease of access is paramount for effective bunding, allowing for straightforward manoeuvring and maintenance.
  • Adequate bund heights and distances from walls are crucial to accommodate the necessary containment capacity and facilitate emergency escapes if needed.
  • For package storage, the bunded area must contain at least 25% of the total volume of stored products, with plans in place for firewater containment. Temporary storage solutions, like spill containment pallets, offer flexibility for operations requiring mobility but must still ensure environmental protection and comply with regular inspection standards.


Applying IBC Bunding Across Industries

In mining, bunds must withstand rugged conditions. Construction sites often require portable bunding solutions for changing landscapes. In industrial manufacturing, bunds integrate with existing chemical handling systems. Meanwhile, logistics operations must ensure bunds are road- and rail-compliant.

As industries evolve, the need for adaptable, reliable, and environmentally friendly spill containment solutions becomes more critical. Accumax Global’s bunding solutions are engineered to meet these demands, offering unparalleled protection, compliance, and peace of mind.

“Choosing the right bunding solution is a reflection of a company’s values towards safety and environmental responsibility,” Jerry Martin, Managing Director at Accumax Global asserts. “At Accumax Global, we provide the expertise and innovative products to ensure our clients not only meet but exceed environmental compliance standards.”


Environmental and Compliance Benefits

Using IBC bunds not only protects the environment but also helps firms adhere to strict storage regulations. They serve as an investment in safety and sustainability, enhancing corporate reputation and preventing costly spill-related incidents.

Martin concludes, “Our commitment to environmental compliance transcends basic regulatory requirements. With our advanced IBC bunding, IBC bund, and bunded IBC storage containers, including double IBC bunds and IBC bunded pallets, we’re setting new benchmarks in operational excellence and sustainability.”

Investing in the right IBC bunding solutions is not just a regulatory necessity—it’s a commitment to operational excellence and environmental stewardship. As we progress towards a more sustainable future, such measures are vital in demonstrating industry leadership and responsibility. It underscores an organisation’s leadership and commitment to a greener future.

For entities utilising IBCs for hazardous materials, understanding the specific risks, alongside the chemical and physical traits of these substances, is paramount. Accumax Global can assist your organisation in navigating these complexities, ensuring you meet environmental compliance with ease. With the expertise and a wide range of bunding solutions, Accumax Global provides the support needed to make informed decisions tailored to your specific requirements. This knowledge ensures the selection of IBC bunding aligns with the nature of stored chemicals, safeguarding both the environment and workplace safety.


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