Construction Site Safety: How Important is Safety Signage?

All Australian construction sites are legally required to install clear safety signage; but it’s more than just a legal issue, it could save lives and prevent serious injury for workers and visitors on site.

Life on a construction site is rife with danger, from heavy machinery, noise, heights, dangerous objects, electricity and much more.

Risks on a construction site are known as the ‘fatal five’: falls, struck-by-object, electrocution, vehicle collisions and caught-in-between accidents.

Signage can warn of the dangers that lead to these incidents, while comprehensive training and safe practices protect personnel.

Australian standards dictate what, where and how signage should appear. There are guidelines on size as well as colours, icons, and wording, depending on the purpose of the sign:

  • Warning or Hazard Signs alert people to risk in their surroundings, so they can modify their behaviour accordingly. They are printed as black text on a yellow background, with simple words and image. These include ‘High Voltage’ or ‘Watch out for pedestrians’
  • Prohibition Signs advise personnel of what they cannot do, which would cause danger, such as ‘No smoking’ or ‘Do not use mobile phones’. These are presented as black on white background, featuring a red circle with a line through over the image.
  • Mandatory Signs show safety requirements for the site, such as ‘Head protection must be worn’ or ‘Hearing protection must be worn’. These are displayed as black text on white background with the image printed in blue.
  • Danger Signs are headed with a black banner containing a red oval and white text: DANGER. These signs present black text on a white background advising of danger nearby, such as ‘Construction Site. Authorised personnel only’ or ‘Flammable Material’.
  • Fire Extinguisher – red background with white text, and Emergency Exits, white text on green background, are also required to have signage.

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