Avoid Environmental Damage with Spill Containment

We make sure we practice sustainability and do our part to protect the environment in our work practices, but there is one small act that could prevent catastrophic damage, managing spill contaminants.

Chemicals on work sites have the potential to cause destruction through storm water drains that filter through waterways and groundwater, poisoning plants, animals, and the food chain along the way out to the ocean, where it continues to affect marine life, plants, and birds.

The devastation of a chemical spill is not just limited to the environment, it poses a great risk to worker safety, and a spill will cost companies greatly in environmental fines and reputational damage.

Cleaning these spills is not simple and cannot undo the damage already done to the environment or people, so prevention is better than cure.

Site Assessment

In order to best prepare, you must first have an accurate picture of your facilities and risk factors:

  • Chemicals – the fluids and chemicals present, quantity, and how they are stored and used
  • Flooring and gradient – whether the floors are even and the effect of the surface for fluids
  • Drains – the position and number of drains will determine which spill containment kit is needed, where to store them, and their storage location.

Spill Containment Kits & Spill Control

The spill containment kit and control products you need will be unique to your situation.

Accumax Global have a wide range of industry-best spill kits and bunding products, supported by outstanding customer service from our hands-on team.

We have the expertise, experience, value-for-money solutions, and training to help you achieve environmental compliance whether you’re in Perth or regional areas.

Accumax Global is committed to reducing risk in Australian workplaces. Safety is a right, not a luxury.

We can help determine the most efficient and effective way to prevent risk on your worksite. Contact us on 1300 222 862 or visit our product page!

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