Alucobond: A Signage Revolution

There are some big technological advances changing our world with electric vehicles on the rise, smart devices and online capabilities transforming the way we do business, but there’s one transformation hidden in plain sight.

In the world of custom signage, Alucobond is revolutionising quality and production.

This is a patented aluminium composite sign material made up of two aluminium cover sheets and a fire-retardant mineral-filled core. Its advantages lie in sustainable construction quality and high creative standards, with results that offer precise flatness, a variety of surfaces and a range of colours.

This advanced technology can be used to elevate the simplest of signage for your site or workshop, from standard exit signs or construction signs to detailed branding and custom signage.

Alucobond vs Metal

Traditional metal or aluminium signs have been the front runner in signage production. Until now. Aluminium is now being phased out in most applications. just as we see new technology capabilities supersede older models with more bells, whistles and efficiencies. The same is true for Alucobond.


Alucobond can withstand more than aluminium. It is inherently fire retardant (not just a brittle retardant coating), as well as being resistant to scratches, shocks and impact as well as UV and weather. This special treatment means it’s long-lasting, for up to 15 years, without fading or deformation. This means, less replacement and spending in your budget.

If that hasn’t converted you already, here are a few more advantages.


Alucobond has many more design capabilities, bringing diverse colour options, good decoration effect and a smooth, uniform surface. Because of its flexibility and ease of manipulation, it gives greater design and installation possibilities at a reduced price.


Alucobond is lightweight and easier to process than aluminium material, which contributes to its cost reduction. Operation processes like cutting or folding can be easily achieved with simple tools. The production of the Alucobond material itself is also more energy-efficient.

Accumax can provide standard and custom Alucobond signage across Australia from its Perth operations.

Contact us to find out how you can upgrade your signage for longer-lasting cost savings in your operations today.

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