5 Common Workplace Injuries in Australia and How You Can Avoid Them

Worker injuries are a risk all businesses need to manage. At Accumax Global, we pride ourselves on helping companies from diverse industries maximise workplace safety and reduce the chances of foreseeable injuries.

Every year, Safe Work Australia publishes statistics on the most common workplace injuries in the country. It’s a record of the risks of mild and medium-level injuries and in the worst-case scenarios, traumatic injury fatalities. So, what are they? And how can you proactively avoid them?

We’ve put together this guide of some of the most frequently occurring injuries alongside key Accumax Global products which reduce the risk of them affecting your workers and business.

1. Muscular injuries

Lifting and carrying heavy objects can easily cause muscle strain if not completed safely. This injury category is responsible for 39% of Worker’s Compensation claims in Australia–it’s one of the most significant risk categories.

Alongside promoting correct physical technique, providing workers with versatile safety steps can minimise the risk of unstable reaching and lifting. Our compact single and multiple steps are suitable for any small job site needs.

2. Falls and slips

Falls and slips are all too common, especially given how avoidable they are. They’re the second most frequent injury after muscular issues (23%). They often occur when a worker trips on a poorly secured item on the ground or slides over a slippery area.

Keeping a site neat, tidy, and slip-safe is crucial. Accumax has an extensive range of anti-slip grip products for high-risk areas such as stairs and conveyer channels. We also supply specialised spill kits, for swiftly containing spill risks, and premium cable covers, for reducing the chance of tripping over cable and leads.

3. Vehicle-related injuries

Tragically, vehicle collision accidents are the biggest cause of workplace fatalities, accounting for nearly half of Safe Work recorded deaths. Alongside promoting safety protocols, supplying your site with wheel chocks and emergency car safety kits can diminish the likelihood of serious vehicle incidents.

4. Wounds, lacerations, and organ damage

These kinds of injuries are less common (16%) but can be serious. In particular, physical damage to the head and eyes can have a major impact on a worker. One of the most financially effective strategies a company can take is investing in PPE equipment such as hardhats and protective eyewear to prevent these injuries from occurring.

5. Fire and explosions

Being prepared for the unlikely event of a fire is crucial, as they can be dangerous events. We have a wide range of extinguishers and blankets required to maintain fire safety compliance, and sound equipment suitable for safety drills and evacuations.

6. General recommendations

There are some basic safety protocols that reduce risks in any industry. Keeping an appropriate first aid kit available at all times is essential. Providing quality equipment, committing to comprehensive training, and sticking to clear site protocols all contribute to maintaining a safer workplace.

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