Chilled Self Flushing Safety Shower

Emergency Safety Showers are a must-have on-site, but, while they are essential for quickly washing contaminates from the eyes or body in an emergency, stagnant water builds up in the piping, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly Legionella. Often the temperature of the potable water supply is above AS standards, and this cannot always be overcome with an anti-scald valve as these often remain open.

Watch the video below to find out how our Chilled Self Flushing Emergency Safety Shower solves all of these problems!

Accumax Image

The Problem

  • No Temperature Control
  • No Infection Control
  • Anti-Scald Valve Open Continuously

The Solution

  • Consistent Controlled Temperature
  • Recirculated Chilled Water
  • UV Sterilized
  • No Infection Build Up