Why Accumax's Low Profile Poly Bunded Plt ?

For drums that need to be frequently handled the Bunded Pallets – Low Profile are ideal. When manual handling is required, this versatile solution can be configured to suit the layout of any workshop. Our simple connector kit allows the low profile bunded pallets to be easily joined for sufficient bund capacity utilising multiple drum storage. Our 2 Drum Bund – Low Profile is ideal for storage of 2x 205-litre drums whilst the 4 Drum Bund  -  LowProfile will store four of these. Their low profile means easy access for frequent use. The 4 Drum Bund Inline – Low Profile is built for use in tight spaces whilst still meeting regulations. A ramp is also available for easy loading and unloading of drums. View our range of bunded pallets – low profile below to ensure you have the very best quality possible for your worksite.